About encourageME

My name is Avery B and I am a current high schooler and proud Girl Scout! The encourageME program was created for my Girl Scout Gold Award project and is designed to help teach elementary school students, specifically older students, about supportive friendship skills. I have always been passionate about working with younger students, and through my own personal experience and research I have found a need to discuss these skills with these students. We always tell students not to be a bully, but we need to teach them how to be a friend as well.

This program is designed in four separate sessions, discussing communication, support, trust, and conflict. The four sessions each consist of:

  • Two video lessons
  • Discussion questions about the videos
  • Activities/games that relate to the lesson topics

These sessions are located on the tabs above, and include all the information necessary to complete the program in your own classroom. There are printable lesson plans at the top of each session page. Although there are multiple activities included with each session, you do not need to use all of them. Some of them work better in larger spaces, with more students, etc. so there are several options to suit your needs. This program was primarily designed and implemented to be used in coed classrooms.

The sessions have all been reviewed by a school psychologist, an elementary school counselor, and a middle school counselor to ensure that they discuss the proper skills in an effective way. I have personally led the encourageME program successfully at four different elementary schools.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!


2018 GSCA Annual Conference!

A huge thank you to everyone who attended my presentation at the Georgia School Counselors Association’s annual conference! Your support and positive feedback was absolutely overwhelming and beyond what I could have ever expected. I hope my program will find its use in your classroom and schools, and if so, let me know how it goes! Thank you again!



Reviewed and Student Approved!

Students have not only consistently loved the fun activities and games included in the program, but have also learned valuable friendship skills they can use for the rest of their lives. Check out some of their comments below!

“W[h]en I get mad at my friend I will tell [them] I’m sorry.”

“I learned you should not be mean to anyone you meet. :)” 

“I will use the helpful tactics to become better friends … all of the info was very helpful and I will share it with my friends.” 

I learned “to watch your actions even if you are mad.”

I learned “to be kind.”

“My favorite part was the games because we could experience what [we were] talking about … I have learned that we need to work together even if it is hard.”

“I learned that you should let go [of] stupid problems.”

I learned “how to handle disputes with friends.” 

My favorite part has been “expressing your feelings and emotions … I have learned that you can’t let every little thing get to you in friendships.”

I learned “how to be kind to others in bad situations.”

I learned “how to deal with friend vs friend fights.”

And the most telling comment of all…

“Come back for us!”


Program Resources

The entire curriculum has been reviewed by an elementary school counselor, a middle school counselor, and a school psychologist.

Sources used for background research and curriculum development purposes:











Transforming Leadership Girl Scout reference book